Setting up a drain pipe.

Proper drainage can help protect your home and garden against water damage.
Covering the completed drainage ditch

Proper yard and lawn drainage are key to a healthy landscape.

Standing water buildup can leave your lawn soggy and kill plants. If it's close to your house, it can even cause structural damage if it sits for too long.

If you have wet spots in your yard or are concerned about water pooling near your house and other structures, I can help you enact practical drainage options on your property.

Got a landscaping drainage issue to solve? Just give Mike's a call or send a message online to set up a free estimate!

Culvert Installation and Ditch Cleanout

Here's an example of a culvert installation project where the homeowners needed some extra street parking space. As you can see in these before and after photos, we accomplished this by clearing a ditch, then installing a drainage pipe to extend the existing culvert.

Before: The ditch didn't leave much parking space
I started by clearing out the ditch with the tractor...
After: The extended culvert is covered neatly. You can see the end of the new drainage pipe at the bottom.