Earthmoving and Digging

Earthmoving using the tractor in a backyard.

For ditches, yard levelling, or other digging, give Mike's a call!

My machinery lends itself well to getting wherever you want in your yard... even if its several feet down. I can dig around your house, create a flat backyard, dig ditches, and even build bmx tracks, just let me know how I can help.

When the job's done, I'll haul away soil, rocks, and yard waste that's been dug up in the process.

I also provide grading and land-clearing services, and can help with just about any other landscaping need that you may have.

Removing Plants and Stubborn Growth Around the Yard

With some tractor work, even difficult plants come up by the roots and stay gone.

Another Earthmoving Example Project

Here are before and after photos from a backyard earthmoving project where we expanded a level area surrounding the patio.