Going Green?

Mike's works to minimize the environmental impact of landscaping projects to help keep the Northwest clean and green

...I can help!

Per your interest I can provide suggestions on and implement various types of construction materials and landscaping techniques that will help you make an environmentally conscious decision about your project.

Quality Landscaping and Protecting the Environment Go Hand in Hand

Environmental awareness is important, even when you have every intention of drastically changing the appearance of that environment.

Understanding the further reaching implications of what you are doing to a landscape can help prevent unnecessary headaches and even cut costs by re-sourcing items you already have on your property.

Here's a quick example of cleaner landscaping:

Boulders and large rocks commonly found on North West properties were traditionally considered a nuisance. Often carted off or buried, these materials were needlessly wasted.

But with a little cleaning and drilling, these rocks can be turned from a removal project to tasteful accent of a yard's landscape.