Grading & Land Clearing

Grading Services

I offer a variety of grading services. From smoothing out your property and defining a basic grade to using the latest in laser leveling technology to create a perfectly flat base for a concrete pad. Below is a list of grades I can build for you.

  • Basic drainage and contours for your landscape
  • Access roads on your property
  • Level pads on which to pour concrete
  • remove debris and smooth out old building sites

Before Land Clearing
Before: This area of landscape is uneven and overgrown

Land Clearing Service

Before grading a portion of landscape, the area will of course need to be cleared of obstructions.

The before and after photos at right show an example of a plot of land that I cleared for a customer.

I can cut down trees if needed, and move large rocks using a tractor. Trees, rocks, and other natural obstructions can often be relocated somewhere else on your land, or I can haul them away when the job's done.

After Land Clearing
After: The landscape has been cleared and levelled, and is ready for planting or building.