Rototilling Service

Soil after rototilling, ready for gardening
After rototilling, this soil is ready for gardening

Rototilling is a great way to quickly establish a garden or break up compacted soil and weeds in your existing one.

You can do tilling manually or rent a rototiller. This can be time consuming, especially if you're creating or overhauling a large garden. Tilling by hand can also be difficult if soil is clumped tightly, or you need to go a little deeper.

Mike's can save you the time and hassle, with the proper equipment and years of experience to ensure that your rototilling gets done right! If you're expanding or starting a new garden, I can also help prepare your landscape by removing stumps or moving large rocks if needed.

The photos at right show an example of a rototilling project that I completed recently.

Rototilled garden area next to lawn
The rototilled area is left smooth and even, and the adjoining lawn is left undisturbed.

Rototilling - Free Estimates

To set up a free onsite estimate for rototilling service and any other landscaping needs, just call Mike's or send a message online. I'd be happy to help you get your gardening project off to a great start.

Rototilling a weeded area
Rototilling in progress on a commercial lot. Rototilling breaks up stubborn weed & brush remnants, making the soil usable for planting once again.