Mike's provides landscaping services from A to Z. If you have a landscape or hauling need not listed here, just call (425)-392-6990 or contact us online to ask about it.

Grading Services

Grading / Leveling

Grading services

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall construction services

Earthmoving and Digging Services

Earthmoving / Digging

Earthmoving and general digging projects

Grass Mowing Services


Tractor mowing for grass or brush fields, or large lawns

Brush Clearing Services

Brush Removal

Stuck in thick overgrown bursh? We can cut a path or clear it...

Drainage Services


Need drainage solutions? Mike's digs drainage ditches and installs drainpipes...

Rock Moving Services

Rock Moving

If you've got big rocks in the way, we can move them or even break them up into smaller pieces...

Stump Removal Services

Stump Removal

Pulling and grinding stumps can be a a major hassle. We can get rid of stumps quickly and safely...

Posthole Digging Services


Posthole digging service...

Rototilling Services


Want to establish a garden or break up tough soil and weeds? Mike's can rototill it...

Waste Hauling Services

Waste & Debris Hauling

Whether it's yard waste, scrap wood, old concrete, or just garbage, Mike's hauls it away...

Asphalt Services

Asphalt Services

Mike's handles asphalt application as well as breakup, removal, and disposal...

Deck Removal Services

Deck Removal

From tear-down to hauling, we make it easy to get rid of an old or rotten deck...

Playground Services

Playground Renovation

Building or overhauling a playground? Mike's can help you build one that's safe and fun...

Tree Maintenance Services

Tree Maintenance

Aging trees can be a hazard in windy weather. We can cut them down to prevent problems...