Brush Removal

Brush Cutting Services: A bulldozer is cutting down bushes in a field.

Brush Cutting and Removal

Are you losing the battle for your back yard to blackberries, alders, and other overgrowth? I’ll help you regain the initiative!

Mike’s Makes Clearing Brush Easy

Brush and tall grass can overrun your landscape fast in the Northwest.

If you’ve got a lot of brush encroaching on your property, it can seem futile to cut by hand. Renting a tractor can be expensive, and still time consuming. You also have to haul and dispose of the waste, and often burning brush isn’t an option.

I have the equipment to make removing bushes, grass, and trees fast and easy, and I can also haul brush and clippings when the job’s done.

I also provide land clearing services, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution.