Playground Renovation

Completed construction of a new playground

If you’d like to build a playground or renovate an old playground, Mike’s can help!

Whether it’s a full-size community playground or smaller playground in your backyard, I’ll help you get it done right. I also provide hauling and delivery services, so if you want to resurface your playground with new wood chips or gravel, I can deliver the material and spread it for you.

Playground Construction & Renovation – Get a Free Estimate

Just call or send a message online to arrange a free onsite estimate for your playground project or any other landscaping needs you may have.

Old Playground Removal

If you have an old playground on your property that’s not being used, I can remove it for you to free up space.

After teardown, I can clear the area of debris and haul away all the wood and scrap metal. If you plan to re-cover the area with asphalt or pavement, soil, or some other material I can help with that too, just let me know.