Tree Maintenance

A professional is operating a bulldozer in front of a house for tree maintenance.

When should trees be cleared from your yard?

Dying trees near people, homes, or vehicles should be cleared as soon as possible. Dead or damaged trees on your property or near a neighbors property can create serious safety hazards and liability concerns, especially in windy conditions.

Assessing a tree’s health can be complex and usually goes beyond surface appearance, so you should call a professional when in doubt. However, some general warning signs to look for include:

  • Dead wood in the tree trunk, or large dead branches
  • Disease or rotten sections
  • Cracks in tree or other obvious physical damage
  • Hidden issues such as poor or damaged root structure

Other problems trees may cause are blocked view, roots interfering with your lawn or garden, or property boundary issues.

Why Call a Tree Maintenance Professional?

The most important thing to consider is safety. I have the experience and proper equipment needed to assess trees safely.


I also provide hauling services, and can take away the remaining lumber, or just move it to another area on your property if you’d like.

If you need the stump removed, I can take care of that too.